Monday, September 29, 2008

Darcy and the Cat

There is a cat that keeps on hanging around. We think that it might be stray. I put both Mason and Darcy outside, and I walked back inside because I was going back to do my school work. Mason started barking really loudly. I walked out there and noticed that the cat started walking towards Darcy, but had backed away when Mason started barking. I was really glad Mason was protecting Darcy. It would have been really scary, if the cat would have kept on walking and might have scratched Darcy on the nose. That happened before when she was a puppy. I am also glad that Mason was out there because Darcy probably wouldn't have barked at the cat. She is usually very quiet.

Mason and Darcy

Yesterday, Mason went for a car ride with us. Darcy really acted like she wanted to go for one, but we didn't take her because we know it stresses her out. When we left to go to a gas station to buy a newspaper to look. When I got out to walk in the store, Mason started crying like crazy. When I came back he was so happy to see me! I was really surprised of that. Then he started barking at someone that was walking by. After that, he started whining again.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Spooky Night

Last night, we had a ghost in the house.(at least I think so.) One of our light's kept on flickering. That light is a type of light that turns on when you tap on it. We also heard footsteps in the kitchen. My mom's Girlfriend thought it was me putting dirty clothes in the hamper, but it wasn't. My keyboard keeps on making a weird morse code noise, which is very unusual for it. It has been a really WEIRD Night.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

"The Talking Couch" lol

This poem that i am going to post is really funny. lol.I had an assignment to write a poem that gives personification of an object. The object that I used is a talking couch. Here is the Poem:

"The Talking Couch"
The Talking Couch so big and Great;
likes to tell stories everyday;
he talk'd so much his cushions began to dry,
The Couch would still talk after his cushions dried, and they began to crack and break
Then it suddenly burst with cotton everywhere.
He never said a word again!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The learnings of Schooling! :)

I have been doing a lot in schooling, and it has been a had and difficult year so far. I am now
learning adjectives in Spanish. I am getting ready to have a test in math and science. In science, I am learning about the atmosphere on Earth. The next chapter is about weather. In Geography, I am learning about Asia-its bodies of water, its landforms and so on.- In Language Arts, I am learning about prepositions. I have to know 50 prepositions for a quiz-last time I only remember 43 out of the 50, but that was only a practice one for the quiz.- I just tested out for TaeKwonDo! I am now a yellow belt!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Time 2 get a Haircut :)

Yesterday, Mason and Darcy got a haircut. Darcy now looks like a chihuahua that is black and white. Mason looks like a Lhasa Apso.
They look really cute though. Darcy has always had long hair, so she look so different.
I am not used to it.
Mason has gotten a haircut before, because he get hot really easily.
Darcy is usually cold all the time even though she had long hair, but she had to get her old long hair off.
Darcy now is wearing her "Barbie Coat" lately. Her Barbie Coat was handmade by my mom. It looks really good on her.
Underneath that coat, she is wearing her a shirt that says "Tall Tail."
Her Barbie coat
is thin, that is why she has to wear two coats.
It has been really cold lately also. She wears those coats in winter anyways.