Friday, June 5, 2009

Summer hair cut and More.

For some reason I can never find how much ALL of my TY Beanie Babies. None of the sites I look at have every single beanie baby to make it easier to look up the prices of how much they are worth. My mom and I have been especially trying to find the price of the Beanie Baby name Adelaine. We don't understand it. I know that Adelaine is a beanie baby because it has the "Beanie Baby Tags" on it. I got it from an old baby sitter's daughter that was fourteen when I was about six years old. Ever since that, it has become my favorite one I have. Can anyone help me please?

Anyways, School is still in session for me. I will probably be out of school toward the middle of this month. I will be glad when that day comes. I will also be glad when I will get my hair cut next week. My hair is just too long for the summer coming. Lately, I have just been wearing my hair up to keep my hair off of my face. It also doesn't help that I have really thick hair that now goes really dry. (Which is very unusual for a teenager.)