Monday, March 23, 2009

Ask Ms Recipe's Spring Fling Contest

I thought this was a really cool contest for everyone to check out this wonderful contest. There are so many entrecard credits to win. I like to look in the market over at entrecard
Check out the contest over @ Ask Ms Recipe

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List of All the Prizes from Great Sponsors

First Prize Winner Receives 42,000 Entrecard Credits +Extras from the following Great Sponsors:

  • Ask Ms Recipe 2,500 Entrecard Credits +Top Space 1 Month 125 located in sticky post.

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  • Vday 1000 Entrecard Credits

7th Place Receives 6,500 Entrecard Credits+ Ad Space

9th Place Prizes 2,358 Entrecard Credits +Ad Space

10th Place Receives 1500 Entrecard Credits

  • Walking Newspaper 125 2 Weeks

  • Special Prizes from Sponsors:

    Only open to people who live in one of these countries only. You must include the country you live in to qualify for this drawing.

    1 Pair of Earrings from Homemade Jewelry (USA only)

    6 Month Subscription Soap Subscription from Copper Cauldron (USA, Canada or Mexico)

    4 Recycled Crayons from Mama’s Little Monkeys (USA only)

    100 Personalized Cards 1 design (100 cards), or 2 designs (50 Cards)

    (27.00 Value)Dublicious

    Extra Prizes:

    First 4 Valid Contest Submissions Receive the Follow from Sponsors:

    2 Lucky Winners Win 500 Entrecard Credits for the Most Creative Post from:

    The Last Person who Enters the Contest will Win 500 Entrecard Credits From:

    Friday, March 20, 2009

    Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

    Wow, It has been a while since I have posted... About a week ago, I was looking at Avril Lavigne's store online and looking for clothes on other sites. I can't believe how expensive they are. Maybe if we weren' t in this stupid recession, things would be a lot cheaper. I just recently went to a college for a science learning labs. Before we went there, we stopped at Target to buy a few things. When we got there, I was suprised to see there was at least hundred things to do. Such as: Making ice cream out of liquid nitrogen-that you could actually eat, building things, learning about colloids, making fruity fragances, and much, much more. We got lost and we had to have walked at least three miles!-whew. What a walk!! Next, we went to dairy queen to get some ice cream. I had a small vanilla cookie dough with chocolate chips ice cream cone. I love ice cream!!! Once I got back home, all I wanted to do is lay down and sleep, but I didn't. I did my usual chores as I always do. Such as: washing my bathroom, doing the dishes, sweeping the floor, and brushing my dogs. I am glad I had a good time.