Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas was finally here!! :) :)

Our Christmas was great!! I got new clothes, a digital camera, a dog calendar that has a dog for each day, and ballet flat shoes. I really wanted a digital camera for Christmas and I finally got one... the problem is that we have to return the camera for a new one because it has a short in the wiring. It won't charge correctly, the cord that transfers the pictures and charges the camera. It is quite unusual for a camera to be charged on the actual computer. After New Years, we will hopefully get the same exact camera. If not, that's OK too.

Hope Everyone Had a Wonderful Holiday!! :) :)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Holidays are ALMOST here!

Holy Cow, the Holidays are coming fast.... we haven't even started Christmas shopping and it is 5 days away. We have had snow, ice, and almost all of the cold elements here. Before you know it, New Years Day will be here. I don't know what I am going to buy my family this year. It will be a very interesting to find out! I can't wait to open gifts! I love tearing the wrapping paper to see what is inside! :)
Happy Holidays!!!

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I am 15 Years Old!!

Sunday was my Birthday. I am now 15 years old!! When I opened my gift, I received clothes, chocolate flavored skittles, and money. My mom and I made cupcakes. The reason why I did the cupcakes as well as my mom is because she knows I really enjoy making cupcakes. After that, we had to hurry up and go to the grocery because there was a snow storm coming in that came from Colorado and Kansas. We only had a bunch of ice. While we were at the store, I got to choose what I wanted for supper on my Birthday. I chose burritos because I really enjoy having them. I really enjoyed my Birthday very well.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Introducing Pets R My World

Pets R My World is my new site. That site is for everyone to figure out what pet is perfect for them. It will also tell about my pets and my experiences with pets. It will have tips and idea for your new pet. The site will also have pictures of the pets to show you what they look like. You can check out my new site by clicking the words Pets R My World to see the site.
Hope to see you there! :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I have received the Power Blog Award!!

I have received the Power Blog Award from Samantha Ysabelle.

Here are the Blogs that will receive this award:
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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Creativity Tree

On Sunday, we finally got our Christmas Tree up! Last year we had gotten a new tree, because we were giving our other tree to a friend. It was a white tree last year, but this year we have a green tree that has the lights already on it. We only paid about $38.00 for the tree. The original price was about $150. It has has silver garland with fake plastic red and green lights. The ornaments are glittery red, green, blue, and silver. Some of the other ornaments are handmade ornament when I was in Elementary School, two set of the twelve days of Christmas, Precious Moments, bows, and Eggs that are colorful. The lights on the tree are multicolored. The skirt on for the base is a glittery silver-white, that looks like real snow. As the topper we have an angel that has a pink dress that has white lace on it. The angel is holding two lights that flash. Her hair is strawberry blond. We don't have any presents under it yet, but we will soon.

Countdown to my birthday: 12 day left.
Countdown to Christmas: 23 days left.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving!!!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! I can't wait. It is a day to say thanks for everything, to eat food, and celebrate the pilgrims for coming to America! The pilgrims came to America and shared their food such as squash, pumpkins, corn, and many others. Thanksgiving has been pasted down many generation, since the sixteen hundreds. It is definitely going to be a wild and crazy day for traveling to a different county. Remember to be safe, and have a safe travel to your destination. Dress warm also for the countries and states that are in the fall season.Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope for the best of weather!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Mason and Darcy Update-whew it has been hard teaching new tricks!

Hmm... I don't know what to talk about... well, I talk about Mason and Darcy-I haven't talked about them for quite a while. Mason is still as wild as can be. I have taught him to bow and am now he is learning to get an item that he is told to get. He has done really well on the new trick I am teaching him. Darcy hasn't learned any new tricks, because she is too stubborn to do them. She just looks at you like you are stupid when you tell you to something different other than walking on her hind legs. I keep on trying to teach her something new, but there's no guarantee that she'll do it. I understand why she is so stubborn- she is eight years old and I know her breed has a really hard time to comprehend new tricks. Dogs can be Dogs. lol

Friday, November 21, 2008

Let it snow!

Yesterday, It snowed again, but this time the snow stuck. We didn't have much, but it is quite unusual to have snow in November. I were going to have a bad and cold winter-a year of a lot of soups! I still hope it is not too bad and chilly. I hope we don't get snowed in.

Happy Holidays!!

The Holidays are coming!!! The closest holiday is Thanksgiving! I have already tried pumpkin muffins and many other recipes. I am going to print a lot of recipes for the Thanksgiving Dinner. I can't wait to start making the recipes with my mom.
Christmas and my birthday are coming up in December. I wonder what I am going to get for gifts! This year, we are staying on a budget more than ever, because of this economy. I know a lot of people are only have a dinner for Christmas because of their budgets. It is definitely going to be a hard-to-buy-year.

Monday, November 17, 2008

:)The 1st Snow, and ice!!! :(

Today, we had SNOW! The weather channel never even said anything that we would have snow. The snowflakes never stuck to the ground. :( I wish it would have. The flakes were really big, they were as big as a penny!

On Saturday Night, it iced... It was really bad. You could actually hear it from inside. I had to hurry up and go outside to the shed to try to find the snow-and-ice deicer pellets, but couldn't find them. So, we have to go to the store to buy some soon. Hopefully it isn't too late when we get them. It would be horrible if we had two-and-up feet of snow, or a ton of ice on the ground... Since I have been in this state, we have never had more than a foot of snow...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I recieved the Butterfly Award!!

I received the Butterfly Award from Chronic Chick Talk.

I am giving the award to:

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Update on the Contest

Well, I hate to say it but I check out the Dog Contest to see who won, and they haven't said it.The bad thing that happened is that half of the pictures are there, and both Mason and Darcy are the ones that are in any of the pictures anymore. Hopefully it shows up soon. I wish the picture section was showing up again, but obviously they are having trouble with their site. Yesterday, I was looking at all of the dog clothes, and they are very cute. I also looked at dog beds. They are having a a sale going on. Even the designer clothes are cheap. Well, I hope they update who the winners are...

Have a Fantastic Day!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Holidays are coming

The holidays are coming!!!! You know what that means.....SHOPPING!!!! That also means you have to know what you want for Christmas, and for other people. I can't wait!!! I love shopping, that is why I love holidays. It's no per say getting things, it the shopping part.... :) :)

Have a Great Day!

Friday, October 31, 2008

HaPpY HaLlOwEeN!!!

Today, we went to the store and we bought a pumpkin... Usually we don't buy pumpkins, but it was only $2.00 for a medium sized pumpkin. I just got done carving and it looks like a CAT! It was supposed to be a mean looking face, but I accidentally broken the eye. So I made it into a cat. I have never carved a pumpkin before because I was too young, and I am old enough now. Don't let the vampires bite. So eat lots of garlic.

Happy Halloween

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Two more Days to wait!!!!

Well, two more days to wait to see the winner for the dog contest. I can't wait to see who has won... Has anyone entered the Dog Contest??? If anyone has good luck to you all. Darcy really needs a new coat, because the fur on it has a large bald spot. The coats on there would save us money. Even if we win, I will still buy a couple of light weight jackets.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weird Weather :(

Today, the weather channel said we might have our first snow. I thought it was too warm to snow, but I guess not. The temperature today was 53 degrees Fahrenheit. I hope it doesn't yet. I want a few more days to be warm. If it snows, it snows. I hope mother nature makes up her mind... It has been a weird spring and summer this year. The plants took a long time to produce, because winter ended later then it usually does. This year we had about eight tomato plants, eight pepper plants(Red Bell Pepper and Green Bell Peppers), a cucumber plant, four Brussel sprout plants, and one strawberry plant.
Our strawberry plant never fully developed, so I never got to have a fresh strawberry. I can't have the kind of strawberries in the stores, because I am allergic to food dyes. We only had two-out-of-four Brussel spout plants' Brussel sprouts. The other ones were too small to cut. We had quite a few tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. We had one tomato bush that was so big that when you open the car door, it would hit the plant. The pepper plants were not that big. They were quite scrawny. The cucumber plant did okay, but I wish it produced some more cucumbers so that maybe we could have made pickles. I really like pickles.

It;s Just Me!!!

It's Just Me,
So Short and Sweet;
Makes your Brain Repeat;
Shows Style all the Time,
with Color with every Shirt.
Takes thing Together,
to make them look Great.
May make things clash sometimes,
But it still looks Great.
Who loves dogs always
that takes great care of them.
It's Just Me,
So short and sweet!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Winter is Coming!!!! :) :D :O

Winter is coming soon! The leave on the trees have already changed color and it is really colorful. There is a variety of color: from pinks, to orange, to a mixture of color, and many more colors. Before long it will be snowing!!! Winter is about two months away! Some weather channels have said that this will be the COLDEST winter. I hope it doesn't come true. I like winter, but not below freezing. Two reasons why I like is because of Christmas, and my Birthday are in winter. :) :) :) It will be interesting to see what will happen: whether it will be the COLDEST winter ever, or if we will get a lot of snow. I hopes it's neither one. I just want a white Christmas, and have snow on my Birthday. :)

*~Simply Elegant Girl~*

Friday, October 17, 2008

*~An Update On Schooling!~*

*~I haven't posted an update of home school for quite a while... So here's the update:~*

*Science-I have just started a new Chapter. The last chapter was Oceanography. The New
chapter started is Chemistry. I am not that great at Chemistry, but I am going to try
harder to do better on it than I did last school year. :)

*Geography- I have started a new chapter about a week ago. I am learning about Europe and its
countries. It is quite interesting. I have never learned so much about Europe as I
have this year.

*Literature- I have started a new chapter and all of the stories are all about Humility. Humility
mean that you are not proud of something. There is still a lot more to do in this

*Grammar-I have just started doing Infinitives, Past, Present, Past, Past Participle, Present
Participle, and Helping Verbs. I had a quiz that I had to name all of the helping verbs
I did pretty well on it.

*Keyboarding- I have to get a new keyboard, so that I can play three keys at the same time.

*Tom Sawyer-I have just finished the book and is going to start a new book. I think it is called
"To Kill a Mocking Bird."

*TaeKwonDo- The academy just moved to a bigger building. It is really big. I am still a yellow
belt and I have gotten two stripe. I have to have a three total stripes to test for
the next belt.

*Spanish- I am learn the numbers in Spanish from number zero to twenty.

*~Have a Nice Day~*

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More info on the Dog Contest

Mason was finally enter in the Dog Contest. The contest ends on October 31st and the winner will be chosen in Midnight. I looked at all of the prizes and they are really interesting! Here are the other prizes: a chew toy that looks like a shoe, a T-Shirt, a dog robe that your dogs would wear, varieties of dog beds, and many more things. All of the prizes depend on what place the dog gets. There are only 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. So there is a slim chance of winning. Good Luck to all entries!!


Today I just got a new haircut! My hair is about three inches shorter than it was. I have side bangs that were cut diagonally. My hair has a lot more layers than it used to have. It feels a lot lighter. I haven't had my hair cut since last year. I really like it. There were some split ends because last year I had my hair permed and a couple of months ago it was dyed.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dog contest!

I am enter my dogs in a Dog Contest Online. All I have to do is enter your dog in the contest and give them one of your picture of the dog that is being entered. I am entering both Mason and Darcy, because you can enter all of your dogs!!! It is totally awesome! I have only entered Darcy so far, am going to do Mason in a little while. You can see all of the dogs photos that are already entered. Darcy's photo looks really good in her photo. She is sitting in my furry, pink chair with a blue bow in her hair. If you want to, you can check the photo out on the Dog Contest site. I have already taken Mason's photo and he is in my pink chair just like Darcy. I really hope they win and if you enter the contest, I give you luck in the competition. There are alot of prizes that you can win! One of the prizes is a Dog Bed. There are many other prizes though, but I don't know them all. Good Luck if you enter!!! :)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Darcy and the Cat

There is a cat that keeps on hanging around. We think that it might be stray. I put both Mason and Darcy outside, and I walked back inside because I was going back to do my school work. Mason started barking really loudly. I walked out there and noticed that the cat started walking towards Darcy, but had backed away when Mason started barking. I was really glad Mason was protecting Darcy. It would have been really scary, if the cat would have kept on walking and might have scratched Darcy on the nose. That happened before when she was a puppy. I am also glad that Mason was out there because Darcy probably wouldn't have barked at the cat. She is usually very quiet.

Mason and Darcy

Yesterday, Mason went for a car ride with us. Darcy really acted like she wanted to go for one, but we didn't take her because we know it stresses her out. When we left to go to a gas station to buy a newspaper to look. When I got out to walk in the store, Mason started crying like crazy. When I came back he was so happy to see me! I was really surprised of that. Then he started barking at someone that was walking by. After that, he started whining again.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Spooky Night

Last night, we had a ghost in the house.(at least I think so.) One of our light's kept on flickering. That light is a type of light that turns on when you tap on it. We also heard footsteps in the kitchen. My mom's Girlfriend thought it was me putting dirty clothes in the hamper, but it wasn't. My keyboard keeps on making a weird morse code noise, which is very unusual for it. It has been a really WEIRD Night.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

"The Talking Couch" lol

This poem that i am going to post is really funny. lol.I had an assignment to write a poem that gives personification of an object. The object that I used is a talking couch. Here is the Poem:

"The Talking Couch"
The Talking Couch so big and Great;
likes to tell stories everyday;
he talk'd so much his cushions began to dry,
The Couch would still talk after his cushions dried, and they began to crack and break
Then it suddenly burst with cotton everywhere.
He never said a word again!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The learnings of Schooling! :)

I have been doing a lot in schooling, and it has been a had and difficult year so far. I am now
learning adjectives in Spanish. I am getting ready to have a test in math and science. In science, I am learning about the atmosphere on Earth. The next chapter is about weather. In Geography, I am learning about Asia-its bodies of water, its landforms and so on.- In Language Arts, I am learning about prepositions. I have to know 50 prepositions for a quiz-last time I only remember 43 out of the 50, but that was only a practice one for the quiz.- I just tested out for TaeKwonDo! I am now a yellow belt!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Time 2 get a Haircut :)

Yesterday, Mason and Darcy got a haircut. Darcy now looks like a chihuahua that is black and white. Mason looks like a Lhasa Apso.
They look really cute though. Darcy has always had long hair, so she look so different.
I am not used to it.
Mason has gotten a haircut before, because he get hot really easily.
Darcy is usually cold all the time even though she had long hair, but she had to get her old long hair off.
Darcy now is wearing her "Barbie Coat" lately. Her Barbie Coat was handmade by my mom. It looks really good on her.
Underneath that coat, she is wearing her a shirt that says "Tall Tail."
Her Barbie coat
is thin, that is why she has to wear two coats.
It has been really cold lately also. She wears those coats in winter anyways.

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Tomorrow is Labor Day, I have no school! It will be time for me to have more time with myself. I still have homework to do today but there is another day to do it! :D I don't have to rush to do it, because I know there is plenty of time to do it, but I have been working on it this weekend Day by Day, instead of stressing myself out and worrying that I might not get it done. HAVE A GREAT LABOR DAY! :D

Today's the Day to Learn!!!

Today, I started home school. The subjects that I am taking are: Math, Reading, Language Arts, Geography, Spanish, and Keyboarding. For my Physical Education, (P.E.) is Tae Kwon Do. (I have been duing this for over a year now.)( I am an orange belt at this moment.)I am just now learning how to play the Keyboard. I used to play on one a long time ago, but had forgotten how to play it. For Spanish, I am going to be working on the computer with a talking translater that tells you how to say the words correctly. I am also working on book work in Spanish. I am also learning how to write the words in Spanish.I had already known a little bit of Spanish but not much. I really enjoy learning this language, and am looking forword to learning more words. It might help me get a job easier, because I would know how to translate the words into the English Language if I would need to! I know it is a lot more difficult to get a with this economy. It is really bad. :( I am now reading a book called, "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer." It was written by Mark Twain. Thanks for reading. I will try to write somemore posts about home school in the future. Have a WONDERFUL day!!!!! :)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mason and car rides

Mason loves going on car rides. Today he went for a car ride and he was really happy to go for one. He made a really weird and funny growl today, because I kept asking him if he wanted to go on a car ride. He started scratching on the screen door, because he was too impatient to wait.

Your Turn to speakout !!! :)

I was wondering what kind of singers everyone likes so I can make up a poll about the singer and write about a comment to tell me and I will write about and research them for you. I will put a biography about them so you can learn about them instead of trying to research them yourselves. :)

Poll of the Week

I will have a Poll of the Week posted every weekend. It will be called the Poll of the Week! Don't be afraid to vote for it! It will start today. (August 24th, 2008) The poll of the week will be on the side of the page on the top, so it will be easy to reach and find. Each poll will last one week. At the end 0f the week, there will be a new one to vote for! Enjoy!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

RE: Fall Out Boy Rumor

Fall Out Boy isn't breaking up. It is an untrue rumor.

Jurassic Park Dog

Yesterday, it was thundering and lightning outside. Darcy followed me to the kitchen by the sink( very unusual, she doesn't walk over on the linoleum by the sink at all) She usually follows people when there are storms, and she pants all the time, because she is stressed during the storms. We call her Jurassic Park Dog when she does that because she looks like that T-Rex that is on Jurassic Park I. (the part that the T-Rex is chasing the Jeep.)

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Last year on my Birthday, instead of having a birthday party, I went to the mall with my mom. It was a blast! we went shopping for the whole day. I spent the money that I had gotten for my birthday! I bought a new cellphone, clothes, and many more things.

Home School

This year for school, i am going to be home taught. I don't know what to expect and it is going to be more different than any other school, I have been to. My mom is going to be the teacher. My mom and I have been preparing for this all summer. From making alot of index cards to decorating things and so on. I will start school on the 25th of August. this is going to be a long year that is different from no other year I have ever had. :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Don't my dogs look so cute. Mason is the dog that is white and has sunglasses on. Darcy is the one that is laying behind mason in the second picture. I tries to put sunglasses on Darcy but they wouldn't stay on her because her nose is too short.

Rumors of Fall Out Boy

I have heard some rumors that Fall Out Boy is breaking up! :( I will check into it to see if it is true. It might just be a false rumor that might have been said to upset others to think that they are breaking or it might be true...Keep checking out my site and I will try to write a post ASAP (As Soon As Possible.)

Monday, August 18, 2008

My Dog Photo Album

Saturday, August 16, 2008


I have added some videos and a sideshows of some of my favorite singers, i will be adding some more soon. Don't be afraid to check them out, it is all free to see. the videos that I put on there are Avril Lavigne, PANIC! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy, and Miley Cyrus.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fall Out Boy

My favorite song of fall out boy is called "thanks for the Memories" it sounds really good. it is one of my ringtones on my phone. It sounds so good. I listen to it alot

Avril Lavigne

avril lavigne's recent CD sounded really good. i have 2 of her CD's. her most recent CD was called "The Best Damn Thing." the songs were: "Girlfriend", "Runaway", "So Contagious", "the Best Damn Thing", "Keep Holding On", "I can do better", "when You're gone", "Everthing back but you", "Hot", "Innocence", and many more songs..

Jumpin' 4 PANIC At the Disco

panic at the disco,just made some new song for their CD. it sounds cool.. my favorite song from their new CD is.... idk which one they all sound so good


My dog Darcy was sleeping and all of the sudden she woke up and started running to mason. It so weird, it was so not like her. then she started boxing him with her paw. she always boxes him when she wants to play... and then mason rolled over like he usually does and then got up and started running from her. they are so funny at times.

my dog's video

yesterday my dog was backing at his leash that is hooked up to the porch, the leash is a retractable optima2 and it was banging on the porch, he started scratching the porch with his paw acting like he was a bull...and then he started barking at the leash. i got some of it recorded and will try to get it on my site... it is so funny... keep checking out 2 see if i have that video on here...


i want 2 know what ppl think of my background because i am thinking about changing the template to something a little different. please tell me if anyone is having problems seeing or reading the posts i have written. if there is any problems reading anything please comment me..

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Polling for singers

My favorite singers are Avril Lavigne, PANIC! At the Disco, Miley Cyrus, and Evanescence. They have really good voices, that is why I like them the best. Does anyone like these singers? Have anybody ever seen their music videos? Who is ur favorite singer between all of them? Vote for it on my Poll that I have On my site and see who wins out of the four of them.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


My favorite thing to do is going shopping. I like to go shopping for sunglasses, CD’s, clothes, shoes, and many other things. I really enjoy it, because you can find new styles of things, and things that are in fashion. You can find unusual things that you might like, such as a weird looking pair of shoes that u might like. I have a total of about thirty CD’s, about five pairs of shoes, hundreds of clothes, and two pairs of sunglasses. My favorite styles are shirts that have words on them, polka dots, jeans, jean shorts, and many others.

Mason and Darcy

I have 2 dogs. One is a Shih-Tzu and the other one is a Maltapoo. The Maltapoo's name is Mason. Mason is 6 years old. A Maltapoo is a combination of a Maltese and Poodle. The Shih-Tzu's name is Darcy. Darcy is 8 years old. Darcy is black and white with a few areas of grey. She is very quiet and also is independent. Mason is a totally the opposite of her. He barks quite a bit, even at the leaves, when a leaf falls off the tree. He likes to get belly rubs and when I give him attention, and then Darcy wants all of the attention. We have to give Darcy people food for her to eat, or she will not eat. I think that the hard food hurts her teeth because she never lost her baby teeth. Mason has to have people food mixed with his dog food, because he gets jealous of her because of what she gets fed. They still like to play a lot with each other, even though they are getting older.

Saturday, March 8, 2008


Welcome to my blog!! I have just started doing a blog not too long ago. I hope you enjoy my blog & like the pictures. Just remenber that I will keep on changing the pictures, so you won't get bored of seeing the same pictures over & over again! So please enjoy and don't forget that you can send me comments about my site. etc.