Sunday, August 31, 2008

Today's the Day to Learn!!!

Today, I started home school. The subjects that I am taking are: Math, Reading, Language Arts, Geography, Spanish, and Keyboarding. For my Physical Education, (P.E.) is Tae Kwon Do. (I have been duing this for over a year now.)( I am an orange belt at this moment.)I am just now learning how to play the Keyboard. I used to play on one a long time ago, but had forgotten how to play it. For Spanish, I am going to be working on the computer with a talking translater that tells you how to say the words correctly. I am also working on book work in Spanish. I am also learning how to write the words in Spanish.I had already known a little bit of Spanish but not much. I really enjoy learning this language, and am looking forword to learning more words. It might help me get a job easier, because I would know how to translate the words into the English Language if I would need to! I know it is a lot more difficult to get a with this economy. It is really bad. :( I am now reading a book called, "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer." It was written by Mark Twain. Thanks for reading. I will try to write somemore posts about home school in the future. Have a WONDERFUL day!!!!! :)