Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring is Here

It is hard to believe that Spring has been here for almost a whole month. IT looks so beautiful with all of the flower and leaves blooming. The only thing I hate about it is the allergies from the pollen and newly cut grass. Hopefully our vegetable will taste great, unlike last year. Last year we planted our vegetable in June or July. By the time some of them were ripe, they were moldy or eaten by bugs. Of coarse we also planted them in pots, but this year we are going to plant them in the ground. By doing this, maybe the plants will have more room to grow and be healthier. It is just too expensive to buy peppers and other veggies in the grocery store. The price adults have to pay for healthy food is ridiculous. It is horrible to say this, but junk food has a lower than the food that is healthy for you.