Friday, October 17, 2008

*~An Update On Schooling!~*

*~I haven't posted an update of home school for quite a while... So here's the update:~*

*Science-I have just started a new Chapter. The last chapter was Oceanography. The New
chapter started is Chemistry. I am not that great at Chemistry, but I am going to try
harder to do better on it than I did last school year. :)

*Geography- I have started a new chapter about a week ago. I am learning about Europe and its
countries. It is quite interesting. I have never learned so much about Europe as I
have this year.

*Literature- I have started a new chapter and all of the stories are all about Humility. Humility
mean that you are not proud of something. There is still a lot more to do in this

*Grammar-I have just started doing Infinitives, Past, Present, Past, Past Participle, Present
Participle, and Helping Verbs. I had a quiz that I had to name all of the helping verbs
I did pretty well on it.

*Keyboarding- I have to get a new keyboard, so that I can play three keys at the same time.

*Tom Sawyer-I have just finished the book and is going to start a new book. I think it is called
"To Kill a Mocking Bird."

*TaeKwonDo- The academy just moved to a bigger building. It is really big. I am still a yellow
belt and I have gotten two stripe. I have to have a three total stripes to test for
the next belt.

*Spanish- I am learn the numbers in Spanish from number zero to twenty.

*~Have a Nice Day~*