Sunday, October 19, 2008

Winter is Coming!!!! :) :D :O

Winter is coming soon! The leave on the trees have already changed color and it is really colorful. There is a variety of color: from pinks, to orange, to a mixture of color, and many more colors. Before long it will be snowing!!! Winter is about two months away! Some weather channels have said that this will be the COLDEST winter. I hope it doesn't come true. I like winter, but not below freezing. Two reasons why I like is because of Christmas, and my Birthday are in winter. :) :) :) It will be interesting to see what will happen: whether it will be the COLDEST winter ever, or if we will get a lot of snow. I hopes it's neither one. I just want a white Christmas, and have snow on my Birthday. :)

*~Simply Elegant Girl~*


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