Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Creativity Tree

On Sunday, we finally got our Christmas Tree up! Last year we had gotten a new tree, because we were giving our other tree to a friend. It was a white tree last year, but this year we have a green tree that has the lights already on it. We only paid about $38.00 for the tree. The original price was about $150. It has has silver garland with fake plastic red and green lights. The ornaments are glittery red, green, blue, and silver. Some of the other ornaments are handmade ornament when I was in Elementary School, two set of the twelve days of Christmas, Precious Moments, bows, and Eggs that are colorful. The lights on the tree are multicolored. The skirt on for the base is a glittery silver-white, that looks like real snow. As the topper we have an angel that has a pink dress that has white lace on it. The angel is holding two lights that flash. Her hair is strawberry blond. We don't have any presents under it yet, but we will soon.

Countdown to my birthday: 12 day left.
Countdown to Christmas: 23 days left.