Saturday, April 25, 2009

*~Time is Flying By One Day At A Time~*

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I have decided to start writing a book about Mason, Darcy, Chad(My previous dog), Flounder and Sam(Flounder and Sam are my two goldfish that died about 3 years ago), Mystery Kitty, information on animals, and much, much more. I don't really know what I am going to call it though. If I can publish it, I am going to use the money I earn to save for college. When I grow up, I want to be a Professional Dog Trainer. When I am in 11th grade, I am going to start going to a community college to take my Prerequisite Test. It would save me two years of doing the Prerequisite Test in the "Big" college. I am also going to be filling out applications for Scholarships for college. Maybe if I turn in enough applications for Scholarships maybe I won't have to pay a penny. Of course I would start 11th Grade late next year in 2010. HOW SCARY! I won't tell you what the book will be about because that would spoil the surprise.

The school year of ninth grade is almost over.... I should be totally out of school by the first week in June because I started school late while we were waiting for all of my books. I already finished the Geography, so I am now in Health class. I am already almost done with the third health workbook and there is a total of 5. I don't remember if I wrote that I went up a rank in TaeKwonDo or not, but I am a Camo belt. The next belt I will testing out for will be Green belt. In Math, I only have 35 more lessons. My mom told me I can work ahead so I can be in Summer break faster than the beginning of June.