Thursday, August 27, 2009

Creativity for Less Money

All this summer, I have been working on crafts, such as a: latch hook dog rug, cell phone case, and a camera case. Believe it or not, I made those things by hand-no one did it for me. I have finished all three things except for the arm straps of the camera and cell phone cases. When the straps are sewed, I will make sure I take a picture of all of them and put it on a post. I only spent about $3.00 total on the fabric for the cell phone and camera case, while at the stores, they are from $6 to about $30 for a factory made one. The latch hook kit are between $3 to about $12. If you wanted to buy a rug instead of making one, it would cost aproximately $3.00 to $200 depending on the size.